Words of MD

Abdulrahman Al-Otaibi

Managing Director

Faithful to its values and commitments, our company pays special attention to the control of its organizational efficiency and sits its strategic development on two major pillars:

  • To Satisfy clients
  • Ensure the Quality & Service

We put our clients interest ahead of our own, and we permanently keep in consideration their comments, expectations, to adapt and improve accordingly. We make sure that the quality of delivered services are respected, according to contractual requirements, standards, while being attentive, available and responsive.



The packaging industry is the most important industry that serves all industries and sectors because it is related to preserving the product method and its shape during the various transport operations until reaching the final consumer , carton is the most used in the packaging process, because the facility to form , carry and recycling in a clean and healthy environment. Al Jawhara Factory for Corrugated Cartons manufacturing with all types and sizes which are used in all packaging, product preservation and execution all types of printing by using modern technology in the corrugated cartons industry with high quality production lines to be matched with the global technological developments. The factory depends primarily on getting closer to the customer, knowing his needs and providing the services he requires. The most important of these services is the technical advice in choosing the appropriate size, shape and design that helps the customer to maintain his product and provide it to his customers in a proudly manner The factory produces :
• corrugated boards with all three and five layers from the finest types of paper to ensure the product aimed is achieved
• Production of furniture rolls used in furniture packaging operations for keeping in storage and transport
• Production of normal carton boxes which are used in packaging foods, medical, cosmetics, electrical appliances, detergents, edible oils and shipping consignments
• Cartons which mechanically filled, used in water plants, juices, dairy products, vegetables, dates, fruits, eggs, frozen chicken packing, and many other activities

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